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Anand Mahabir anand.mahabir1@my.uwi.edu
CANDICE CLARKE candiceclarke1997@gmail.com
Danielle Maharaj danielle.maharaj @my.uwi.edu
Dietrich Mohammed dietrichmohammed@gmail.com
Felicia Faustin felicia.faustin@my.uwi.edu
Joanna Fiddler joanna.fiddler@sta.uwi.edu
Joel Gokool joel.gokool@my.uwi.edu
Kiyohmi Joseph kiyohmi.joseph@my.uwi.edu
Ryhan Chand ryhan.chand@my.uwi.edu
Tanisha Mohammed tanisha.mohammed@my.uwi.edu
Tshanna Roberts tshanna.roberts@my.uwi.edu