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Satesh is the holder of a BSc. International Tourism Management (special), with a minor in Communications Studies at The University of The West Indies, St. Augustine. He was the Interim Committee President of The Management Society of The University of the West Indies (MSU) and severed as the Public Relations/External Liaison Officer 2018-2019. Satesh was also the Vice-President of the UWI Tourism Society (2018-2019). As Public Relations/External Liaison Officer, his aim was to link the gap between the society and its members. Using concepts and knowledge from his studies in Communications studies, he tried his best to ensure the society was well communicated and seen by external presons. Satesh has special interests in business image and customer care. He also places a special emphasis on sustainability and is environmentally conscious. He hopes to play an active role in the development of Trinidad and Tobago’s growing tourism industry. When you think of a forward thinker, Satesh should come to mind as he has excellent oratory and leadership skills. Satesh enjoys adventurous activities in his free time and considers himself an outdoorsman.”



Ms. Ali is currently a second-year student at the University of West Indies, St. Augustine. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies with a minor in Finance. She is from Diego Martin and previously attended Bishop Anstey High School, Port of Spain.  The Management Society of University of West Indies (MSU) strives to help students with university life and ensure that they are knowledgeable of opportunities to better themselves. Joining the MSU, Ms. Ali saw a way in which she could help other students and be a part of a team that would enhance her university experience. Her main interests include global campaigns, equality, Caribbean economic development and literature. Outside of her academics she works in her family businesses part time where she gains practical business skills. After attaining her Bachelor’s Degree, she intends to work in the public/ private sector to gain experience and knowledge. However, she does intend to further her studies by attaining a Master’s degree in Management Studies as she wants to keep learning and evolving her skills. 

Selena Ali
Nikiesha Hosein



Ms. Hosein is currently a student at the University of the West Indies, Saint Augustine. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in Management Studies. She is currently entering her third year of study. She chose this degree in particular because she always had an interest in all areas within the field of business. She is currently serving as the secretary of The Management Society of The University of the West Indies and her aim is to assist the society to the best of her ability to achieve both their short term and long-term goals. She will ensure that all records of business transactions conducted by the club will be properly maintained. She is a very determined individual who strives for excellence and ensures all tasks given to her is completed to the best of her ability. She is an all rounded student. She plans to continue her studies and pursue her masters within the field of business after completing her undergraduate degree. Her hobbies include reading and playing video games. 



Ms. Maharaj is a student of The University of the West Indies, Saint Augustine who is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Accounting. She is currently in her second year. As the treasurer of The Management Society of The University of the West Indies (MSU), Shivani aims towards helping the society achieve all its aims and objectives as well as portraying accurate and reliable representation of all its financial records. In her two (2) years at the University thus far, she has been awarded three (3) certificates, two in Semester 1, Academic Year 2017/2018 Microsoft Office Word, The Executive Transition Programme and one in Semester 2, Academic year 2017/2018 Microsoft Office Excel. She also accompanied the UWI Tourism Society and participated in the Matura Beach Clean-up in Semester 2, Academic Year 2017/2018. Apart from being a Member at MSU, she is also a member of the Balmain Youth, Sports and Cultural Organization whereby she is associated in planning and initiating Cultural programs, Christmas treats and other recreational activities. She is a very ambitious individual who strives towards excellence.  Her hobbies include: reading, 5k walks and cooking. 



Mr. Bereaux is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and is a National Scholarship Award winner. Currently, he is pursuing an Undergraduate Degree in Management Studies at The University of the West Indies. He possesses an immense interest in Entrepreneurship and has been a part of several personal entrepreneurial ventures, one of which includes a property maintenance business. He is the Managing Director of CariLive Marketing Limited, his recently formed advertising agency which has as a Vision to “Be the Most Creative Advertising Agency with the Power to Transform the Branding Image of any Company throughout the Caribbean Region.” The mission of CariLive Marketing Limited is to “Increase the Standard of Advertising in Trinidad and Tobago while Maintaining Affordability”. He also has a keen interest in agriculture and is exploring opportunities in both primary and secondary sector food production geared toward solving the regional concern of food security. He has been a pivotal presenter in several forums throughout The UWI including The Department of Management Studies and Republic Bank Management Challenge, 2017, which posed a challenge to “Critically Analyse RBL’s Power to Make a Difference (PMAD) initiative and develop an Awareness Campaign for the initiative”. Mr. Bereaux also presented in The Department of Management Studies Research Week, 2018, addressing the business challenge of “Developing a new strategy for confronting industrial relations challenges: Advising the Government of Trinidad and Tobago” of which his team placed 2nd. A believer in the spirit of human generosity, Michael-Andre has participated in several charitable causes including North Hall’s “You Can Help” house building project. As part of his journey to gain knowledge, he reads Philosophy.  



Ms. Monisha Kissoon is a second-year student of Management Studies at the University of the West Indies. With a current degree GPA of 3.66 she is on track for First Class Honours. Ms. Kissoon started her education at Tacarigua Presbyterian School and proceeded to El Dorado West Secondary School.  After secondary school, Ms. Kissoon proceeded to The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine where she completed a Certificate in Public Administration in 2016. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Management and minoring in Accounting. In 2017, based on her academic performance, Ms. Kissoon was a recipient of a University of the West Indies Open Scholarship award. Throughout her academic performance at the University, Ms. Kissoon was placed on the Dean’s Honours Roll for the Faculty of Social Sciences at the end of Semester I of both the Academic Years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. She has enhanced her skills by obtaining Microsoft proficiency in both Access and Excel. She is a firm believer and as Walt Disney has said “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Her experiences and challenges throughout her life has opened her eyes to many opportunities and thus, shaped who she is today. She has a passion for charity work and is honoured to be a part of a Society where Human Capital is the Foundation of a new Tomorrow.  



Teesha is an undergraduate student who is currently persuing a BSc. General in Environmental Science with Insurance and Risk Management at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, UWI. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago and attended Bishop's Centenary College and did Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) in 2014 and completed The Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) at Sixth Form Government Ploytechnic in 2016. Joanna has been involved in many clubs such as, United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as the Vice President while persuing CAPE, and is actively involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) Club since 2015 to present. She also has been involved in a few internship programs like the Authur Ashe Urban Instutie of Health research project (2016) and has been in a volunteership with St.James Medical Oncology Complex for two months in 2015. Ms. Fiddler has been recently involved in The Management Society of University of the West Indies (MSU) Club of UWI as one of Social Media Officers of the Interrim Executive Committee in which she sought it to be one of her stepping stones in finding her career path by helping her to build character and gaining useful managerial skills as she continues to embark on her future.



Teesha Persad has graduated   The University of The West Indies, St. Augustine with a Second Upper-Class B.S.C in   Management Studies and Marketing minor. She held the position of Social Media Office for The Management Society of The University of The West Indies (MSU). Miss Persad worked behind the scenes along with others to ensure the presence of the MSU on all forms of Social Media Platforms. She has a creative soul and used her graphic design ability to ensure that the content posted was not mundane in nature but appealing to the audience.  Teesha aspires to become an independent businesswoman and strive towards gaining knowledge and personal development skills for building an empire. She hopes to bridge the gap between employees and employer relationships. Teesha enjoys “DIY” projects and at any opportunity, she will definitely say yes to traveling since she has a wanderlust syndrome.

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Ms. Mohammed is a year two student in the Faculty of Science and Technology. She is majoring in Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology. She chose to major in Environmental Science as she believes it’s a very important part of our lives.  She is a Social Media Officer in the Management Society of the University of the West Indies Saint Augustine. As looking for a way to learn beyond science and at the same time helping others she decided to join MSU. At the end of her first year at UWI she overcome many challenges which only made her more determined to finish her degree and start making a difference in people’s lives. She hopes to one day visit India and learn more about her ancestors and their history. Throughout her high schools’ years,she was involved in various competitions and co/extracurricular activities such as: Ramleela plays, choir, Rotary club go green competition to name a few.   



Ms. Bachan is a second-year student at The University of the West Indies, Saint Augustine. She started her journey of education in Queens, New York and later continued her education at Saint Saviour High School in Brooklyn. After graduating, she moved to Trinidad and Tobago and enrolled in The University of the West Indies where she completed a Certificate in Public Administration. She immediately began to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies with double minors in Accounting and Economics. The variation in her degree is based on her beliefs of running a business in the near future. Her interests in management started at a young age where she was raised to be responsible and to set a proper example for her younger siblings. She believes that in order to run a successful business you need to be a leader, have basic information on accountancy, and know what is going on in the world in terms of its economy. Her favourite quote is by Mohandas Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. 



Anand Mahabir at the founding of the MSU was a third-year student at the Faculty of Science and Technology, reading for a BSc in the Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology (Special). Mr Mahabir held the position of the Interim Special Members Representative and further went on to hold the position on the first executive. Mr Mahabir’s Interest in the Management Society stems from the belief that society can allow for the holistic development of its membership and bring about societal and intellectual reform while creating a network of support for students. Currently, Mr Mahabir is expected to graduate with his undergraduate degree in 2020. Since leaving the executive and stepping into a general member role, Mr Mahabir has gone on to become both a Student career facilitator and a Peer Advisor for his Faculty.



Mr. Edwards recently concluded his studies at the University of the West Indies, Saint Augustine. He pursued Bachelors in Economics with a minor in Psychology. During his tenure at the University, he was an avid debater and a hard worker. He intends to be a businessman and serve as a consultant to other business owners. Currently, he is pursuing several business interests and holds the position of Alumni Advisor on the MSU. Mr. Edwards is confident that the MSU can facilitate the aspirations of all its members once they are willing to play an active part in the operations of the club. He. enjoys playing sports in his free time. 

Adrian Edwards
Aliceson Narine



Mr. Narine is a thirdyear student at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of the West Indies, Saint Augustine campus, where she is currently reading for her BSc in Pharmacy. Currently, she is the President of VegVision and the interim Wellness Officer of the MSU. Her interest in the latter originated from her aspiration to become a leader in the United Nations, and to contribute to the development of the global health sector. She believes that the MSU has the potential to allow for the holistic development of its members and it can enable them to work at a high level in any environment where innovation and teamwork are valued. She firmly believes that a well-balanced, plant-based diet is essential for overall health, and is the ideal prophylaxis to combat the majority of health conditions. It is this philosophy that will guide her as interim Wellness Officer. She plans to organise activities that will ensure that the physical, mental, and social needs of the members are met in order for them to perform at their best.  



Mr. Caraballo is a student at the University of the West Indies, Saint Augustine. He majors in Leadership and Management and enjoys the position of power and responsibility because it forces him to perform at his best. He likes to think of himself as ingenious because he’s always conceptualizing new business ideas. Mr. Caraballo is very ambitious, and he would like to establish his own company one day and achieve success in all his business ideas. Currently, he is a final year student and is attempting to start his own contracting company and to develop his own app. It is Mr. Caraballo’s greatest hope that all of his ideas materialize before he leaves this earth 

Ricardo Carabello