how to....?

How to request a status letter?

How to get my grades?

You may access your grades through our student information access system, the Student Web Portal at  using your University Student Identification Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Once in the Student Web Portal you can view your grades by term or access an unofficial transcript which shows your grades for all the terms enrolled

How to request an official transcript?

For Transcript Request Forms, copy and paste this address into your browser:

For Online Payment Facility, copy and paste this address into your browser:”

How to resolve a clash?

When having clashes with courses or exams: 

How to apply for graduate?

Students who have been officially awarded their degree will be able to apply to graduate using the link seen in the Student Records section of mySecureArea.

To access this link, student must follow these instructions:

Instructions to pay at Republic Bank: This can be done using a GRADUATION DEPOSIT SLIP obtained from the Bursary.

Instructions to Pay Online: 

  1. On the Student Records Tab click on the link ‘Online Payments’
  2. Select ‘Pay Via Credit Card Now’
  3. Follow the instructions and enter the amount of the Gown Fees listed on the Summary Screen of your Graduation Application.

To collect your gowns on the respective dates, please note:

  • If you paid at Republic Bank, you must present the stamped copy of the deposit slip returned to them after payment.  
  • If you paid online, you must present a copy of the receipt generated after such payment. 

How to apply for a minor?

Students enrolled in any degree programme within the Department of Management Studies are only able to declare (have it appear as a minor on your transcript) minors which do not require the same core courses as their major.

Students may however, pursue the courses and gain credits included in other minors for example, Minor in Marketing and Human Resource Management, but will NOT be able to DECLARE these as minors.

Students of the Department are free to pursue minors out of the Department or Faculty, as long as appropriate approval has been obtained. Minors are usually declared in Semester 2 of Final Year and declaration forms are available from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Administration Building.

Minors are offered in Accounting, Insurance and Risk Management, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Finance, Management Studies, Tourism Management and Sports Management.

Click here to access the Declaration of Minor Form

How to make fee payments?

Students can pay fees using one (1) of the following methods: 

At any branch of Republic Bank Ltd.

  1. Payment must be made on The UWI student bank deposit slip.
  2. The student’s name, address, and UWI Student ID number are entered on the bank deposit slip. 
  3. The Bank Teller returns 2 copies of the deposit slip. One to be submitted with the course Registration Fee Assessment/ Invoice and the other for student record.
  4. Non-national Faculty of Medical Sciences students are required to pay tuition fees in US$ currency.
  5. Students from non-contributing countries are required to pay tuition in US$ currency

Online Payment (Visa or Master Card)

  1. Log on to the Student Portal at
  2. Log on to Mysecure Area
  3. Select Student Services & Financial Aid
  4. Click Student Records 
  5. Select Online Payments
  6. Follow steps from there to complete payment. Note that you can click in the field with the amount and change it to the desired figure.
  7. Once the payment is completed you will receive an email confirming payment. Please forward this email to the relevant email address below. 

Payment through Internet Banking or Wire Transfer

Republic Bank Limited
UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad
Swift Address RBNKTTPX
Account: 160 284 581 001
Account Name: The University of the West Indies
Reason for Payment: Student ID #, Name, Reference #, etc.