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Selena Ali is a second-year student at the University of West Indies, St. Augustine. Selena is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Management Studies with a minor in Human Resource Management. She is from Diego Martin and previously attended Bishop Anstey High School, Port of Spain. The Management Society of University of West Indies (MSU) strives to help students with university life and ensure that they are knowledgeable of opportunities to better themselves. Joining the MSU Selena saw a way in which she could help other students and be a part of a team that would enhance her university. Her main interests include global campaigns, equality, Caribbean economic development and literature. Outside of her academics she works in her family businesses part time where she gains practical business skills. After attaining her bachelor’s degree she intends to work in the public/ private sector to gain experience and knowledge. However she does intend to further her studies by attaining a master’s degree in Management Studies as she wants to keep learning and evolving her skills.