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Ricardo Caraballo

Mr. Ricardo Christopher Basil Caraballo is 23 years old. He majors in Leadership and Management and enjoys the position of power and responsibility because it forces him to perform at his best, hence his major. He likes to think of himself as ingenious because he’s always conceptualizing new business ideas. Mr. Caraballo is very ambitious and he would like to establish his own company one day and achieve success in all his business ideas. Currently, he is a final year student and is attempting to start his own contracting company and to develop his own app. It is Mr. Caraballo’s greatest hope that all of his ideas materialize before he leaves this earth. Apart from Mr. Caraballo’s hopes and dreams he is a very social person, love to interact with different people and is very approachable. Mr Caraballo will also like to travel to different countries and learn about different cultures and see the world, in his mind life is too short to stay in one place forever .