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Michael-Andre Bereaux – Public Relations/Marketing Officer

Michael-Andre Bereaux is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and is a National Scholarship Award winner. Currently, Michael-Andre is pursuing an Undergraduate Degree in Management Studies at The University of the West Indies. He possesses an immense interest in Entrepreneurship and has been a part of several personal entrepreneurial ventures, one of which includes a property maintenance business. Michael-Andre is the Managing Director of CariLive Marketing Limited, his recently formed advertising agency which has as a Vision to “Be the Most Creative Advertising Agency with the Power to Transform the Branding Image of any Company throughout the Caribbean Region.” The mission of CariLive Marketing Limited is to “Increase the Standard of Advertising in Trinidad and Tobago while Maintaining Affordability”. Michael also has a keen interest in agriculture and is exploring opportunities in both primary and secondary sector food production geared toward solving the regional concern of food security. He has been a pivotal presenter in several forums throughout The UWI including The Department of Management Studies and Republic Bank Management Challenge, 2017, which posed a challenge to “Critically Analyse RBL’s Power to Make a Difference (PMAD) initiative and develop an Awareness Campaign for the initiative”. Michael-Andre also presented in The Department of Management Studies Research Week, 2018, addressing the business challenge of “Developing a new strategy for confronting industrial relations challenges: Advising the Government of Trinidad and Tobago” of which his team placed 2nd. A believer in the spirit of human generosity, Michael-Andre has participated in several charitable causes including North Hall’s “You Can Help” house building project. As part of his journey to gain knowledge, Michael-Andre reads Philosophy.