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Faculty Advisor

Dr. Rajendra Ramlogan is the Professor, Commercial and Environmental Law at the University of the West Indies. He also lectured at the Anton De Kom University, Suriname in the Environmental Law and Policy (MSc. Program). Professor Ramlogan graduated with a Doctorate in International Environmental Law at the University of Cambridge and a Masters of Law in International Legal Studies at the New York University School of Law. Professor Ramlogan completed a Bachelor of English Literature with Social Sciences and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of the West Indies. During his consulting career, Professor Ramlogan developed significant work experience in the petroleum and petrochemical sector in both upstream and downstream activities and was involved in the preparation and negotiation of contracts involving major international oil companies including Pecten, UNOCAL, LASMO, EXXON, Chevron and Total. In 1991, Professor Ramlogan worked as a Foreign Associate at the prestigious law firm of Wilmer, Cutler and Pickering (Washington D.C) which included serving on an American Bar Association Panel advising the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on its draft Petroleum law. Professor Ramlogan has published numerous books and articles covering subjects such as Business Law, Judicial Review, Sustainable Development, Environmental Law, Environmental Studies, Human Rights in Japan, International Security and Joint Ventures. Professor Ramlogan has presented conference papers on subjects including Environmental Democracy and International Criminal Law. Professor Ramlogan is a Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society.

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BSC Banking and Finance (SPECIAL)

Joseann Antoine is a final year student at the University of the west Indies. Joseann can be described as a friendly , enthusiastic, down to earth individual. She loves a challenge and always motivates herself into trying new things. When she’s given a task , she ensures that she completes it to her greatest abilities. She aims to bring new opportunities, ventures, experiences and fun, meaningful activities to MSU. As MSU President, she believes with excellent communication skills, awareness, honest and integrity, and out of the box innovations, she can continue to build relationships through both the executives and the members of MSU and demonstrate her great leadership skills. Joseann goes by a quote that says, “sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take that step.”

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vice president
BSC management studies, Marketing Minor

Celine Ramsaroop is a creative entrepreneur. She prides herself on professionalism with compassion. She is focused on helping others through positive servant leadership. She will advocate for peaceful resolution of issues for the greater good of everyone.

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BSC management studies, Accounting Minor

Reconciliation ranger also known as the Treasurer for the MSU. She is a final year student and Maria enjoys the company of her friends and family. She can play the guitar and loves the beach. She is a friendly, funny and approachable young lady. As the treasurer she aims to provide precise financial reporting of the MSU’s day to day transactions as well as invest her potential to successfully deliver and report accurate journals to ensure the budget is maintained.

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BSC management studies, human resources and Marketing Minor

My name is Shahana Debnath and I am the MSU secretary. I am a regional student from Grenada who loves exploring and learning new things. Trinidad is now like my second home and I love all the fun things there are to do here! I have the dream of becoming a University professor. I love traveling and hotel hopping .
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Hello everyone! My name is Samantha, your friendly PRO. I am a final year student at the U.W.I,  St. Augustine and people are usually surprised when I inform them about my degree. At high school, you’re either a science person or a business person, you can’t be both. Fortunately, this degree offered me the opportunity to be both. I chose Chemistry and Management because I aspire to be a Pharmaceutical Representative, this degree is an excellent choice if you have interests in both fields and wish to keep your career options open. Throughout my entire academic life its been a struggle finding somewhere to fit in. I was always someone who would be afraid to take on new challenges or voice my opinion. But then I found this passion for designing, designing anything really. For me, its like solving a puzzle, there are so many pieces to how this design can result and when you join the right pieces, its magical. The MSU gave me a platform to showcase the outcome of my puzzles and a place where I fit right in. I am honored to be a part of this executive and to serve you, our members. If you haven’t already, I urge you to join us today.

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BSC management studies, HUMAN RESOURCES AND Marketing Minor

Menka Ahooja is a final year student at the U.W.I, St Augustine. Menka has an immense interest in the fields of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, which she one day hopes to pursue professionally and make valuable contributions within. She hopes to contribute to the success of MSU by helping forge the organization’s image in a positive light and making linkages with other organizations, who uphold the same core values. Menka is passionate about all she does, is detail-oriented, enjoys event management, and once assigned a task, will see it through to completion.

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BSc Management Studies, Tourism Management and Marketing Management minor.

I am Hannah Patterson; I am 20 years of age and I am entering my third year of university. I am the Wellness Officer for the Management Society. My interests are hanging out with my friends and eating. I joined the MSU to meet more persons who are pursuing degrees like mine and to improve my university experience. As the wellness officer my goal is to ensure other students have a holistic experience at the University of the West Indies.