About us

what is the msu?

The Management Society of the University of the West Indies (MSU) is a professionally managed society, binding all students by providing opportunities for the enhancement of managerial and technical skills, while enriching the university experience for its members. MSU seeks to bring the concepts and practical insights of the business world to the student population through a number of lectures, seminars and workshops.


Our Mission

The objectives of MSU shall be to assist in the management and development of the MSU for:

  • Assisting Members in developing work and life skills readiness including but not limited to entrepreneurial skills

  • Engaging in charitable causes

  •  Promoting events to enhance the University experience of students

  •  Raising funds to promote the objectives of the MSU

  •  Raising funds to assist students in financial needs through emergency bursaries

  •  Forging intra and inter-linkages with other tertiary institutions

  •  Providing wellness support to Members

  •  Assisting in procuring internships and job opportunities

  •  Creating mechanisms for alumni interaction

  •  Engaging in strategies to enhance academic performance

  • Providing support for Members engaged in disputes with The University of the West Indies

  •  Providing a voice for Members to express views on issues local, regional and national


MSU stands for the management society of the university of the west Indies. It consists of a superb executive together with the guidance of our advisor, Professor Rajendra Ramlogan, work together to deliver the pre-eminent experience to the members of MSU. In the MSU, we are mostly consist of management students from the faculty of FSS. However, this is not the boundary to whom we welcome to our society, as MSU is open to all students at the University of the West Indies.

We give our members first hand  opportunities to Internships that are proposed to our interest. This provides each member with the chance to gain experience and portray what they’ve learned in the class room, to the real world. We also assist our members in academic advising, aside from the ones they’ve received upon entry into the new semester, as well as further  guidance in choosing their minors and going on with their degree.

Members of MSU, all have been through one or 2 courses together, and therefore, they pass down information onto the students after them. Aside from academics, MSU engages in fundraising events, fun-filled and relaxing events and festivals and we also host charitable events as one of our main objectives is to always work hard to assist those in need.

We work hard to ensure that our members have a proper and ethical experience in the Management department by providing assistance to any questions, concerns or queries in which they may bring to our attention. Together as a team, our goal as students in the university is to excel and work towards a  success, something we’ve all dreamt about as young children. So, do more than just dream, and join the MSU Team!