Selena Ali



Selena Ali is a third-year student at the University of West Indies, St. Augustine. Selena is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies with a minor in Finance. She is from Diego Martin and previously attended Bishop Anstey High School, Port of Spain.  The Management Society of University of West Indies (MSU) strives to help students with university life and ensure that they are knowledgeable of opportunities to better themselves. Joining the MSU Selena saw a way in which she could help other students and be a part of a team that would enhance her university. Her main interests include global campaigns, equality, Caribbean economic development and literature. Outside of her academics she works in her family businesses part time where she gains practical business skills. After attaining her bachelor’s degree, she intends to work in the public/ private sector to gain experience and knowledge. However, she does intend to further her studies by attaining a master’s degree in Management Studies as she wants to keep learning and evolving her skills.



Michael is a strategic leader with experiences gathered working across the telecommunications, security, public service, non-banking financial and the non-governmental sectors in Trinidad and Tobago. He is a former cadet of seven years and has led, impacted and been directly involved in the development of over one thousand young people through the Cadet Force. His most rewarding experiences have come from his work in the social services field. This began as he worked to reduce and eradicate poverty in the Ministry of the People and Social Development and continued as he was a key member of the NGO staff team that operationalized Trinidad’s first transitional housing programme for “at risk” young men. He is very passionate about and has keen interests in advancing human & economic development through education & skills training, the development of the NGO sector and leading transformational change in public enterprises & organizations. Michael is a full-time undergraduate student at the UWI, currently reading for a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Management Studies. He is professionally certified in Strategic Organizational Leadership and is a certified Change Management Specialist. He is also a member of the Project Management Institute, USA and a business owner.  

Michael Johnson
Rajesh Dharampal



Rajesh Dharampal is a student of The University of the West Indies who is currently pursuing his BSc Accounting. He is currently in his third year of study. As the treasurer of The Management Society of The University of the West Indies (MSU), Rajesh aims towards helping the society achieve its aims and objectives, alongside, providing accurate financial records. In his first year at the UWI, he has been awarded a certificate in Microsoft Office Word. He has been a member of Peer Helpers (2015-2017) and the Vice President of Key Club (2016-2017) at St Augustine Secondary School where he wrote the CSEC and CAPE Examinations. 



Mikhala Salick is a final year Management Studies student at the University of the West indies, St. Augustine Campus. She developed a passion for Management Studies while studying Business Studies and Literature at St. Augustine Girls’ High School and was very eager to forward herself in the field. She is currently pursuing a minor in Human Resource Management. On the track to First Class HonorsMikhala hopes to go onto her Master’s and PhD in the future, placing focus on organisational behaviour, compensation and/or leadership.  Her main hobbies and interests, besides academics, would be reading, gardening and psychology. A new Executive member, she sees a bright future for the Management Society of the University of the West Indies and sees feels honored to be a part of its drive forward. She is happy to take part in the bettering of students’ well-being and giving back to society. 

Mikhala Salick
Joseann Antoine



Hello, my name is Joseann Antoine. I attended Diamond Vale Government Primary School, and in 2012, I began my high school journey at Providence Girls’ Catholic school. Here I gained knowledge and developed my practical skills, talents and abilities which I showcase today. I’m currently enrolled in the University of the West Indies and I’m in my second year pursuing my BSc. in Banking and Finance with a minor in Accounts.  As the Public relations officer for the MSU, I will ensure I put my “best foot forward” in reaching out to other tertiary institutions to get them on board with the Constitution of The Management Society of the University of the West Indies. This way we can develop relationships with such institutions and obtain linkages to work together as one society. By doing this, the name of the MSU will be heard and known beyond the university. I will ensure we expand our charitable aspect by reaching out further to those in need be it locally and regionally.  I enjoy helping and motivating others in ways in which I can push an individual in believing in themselves. I also enjoy a challenge as it will push myself to go beyond my capabilities and be opened to new ventures. In my free time I enjoy outdoor adventures, making crafts and spending time with friends and family.  



Menka Ahooja is a second-year student at the U.W.I, St Augustine. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Management Studies (Special) with a minor in Marketing. She enjoys helping students transition into their university life comfortably and ensuring that they are aware of the opportunities available for their benefit. Menka has an immense interest in the field of marketing and brand image and consumer perception.  As such, she one day hopes to become a marketing professional and make valuable contributions to the field. Menka hopes to contribute to the success of the MSU by helping forge the organization’s image in a positive light and making linkages with organizations with the same core values. Menka is passionate about all she does, detail-oriented, and once assigned a task, will see it through to completion. Additionally, she strongly believes in the art of words, that is, the power of words to induce change personally and globally.  

Menka Ahooja